Polyrhythmic and Polymetric Studies
Counterpoint for Guitar , with Improvisation in the Renaissance Style and Study in Motivic Metamorphosis, 1996, EB 3890
bilingual edition in English an


Who Owns these Questionable Brains (from Ex Ovo)
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Three Balkan Miniatures
Soundboard, fall 1991 (vol. XVIII, no. 3)

Split- Brain Polymeters
Guitar Player, July 1995 (issue 307, vol. 29, no. 7)

Playing Polymeter on the Guitar
Soundboard, summer 1995 (vol. XXII, no. 1)

Views from an Oudist Colony
Guitar Player, December 1995 (issue 312, vol. 29, no. 12)

Kora Dance
Les Cahiers de la Guitare, 1er trimestre 1996 (no. 57)

Morphing an African Lullaby
Guitar Player, July 1996 (issue 319, vol. 30, no. 7)

Verso una nuova sintesi
Guitart, Nov./Dec. 1996 (no. IV)

Ex Ovo

Simultaneously a textbook and a collection of essays, Ex Ovo by Dusan Bogdanovic is a theoretical and practical guide for contemporary composers and improvisers. The book includes chapters on Baroque and Jazz improvisation, species counterpoint, music aesthetics as well as comprehensive theory of motivic transformations. The book is illustrated with drawings by M. C. Escher and contains excerpts ranging from African tribal music to works by contemporary composers such as Ligeti, Reilly, Reich, Feldman, Nancarrow
and others.

“…(Counterpoint for Guitar with Improvisation in the Renaissance Style and Study in Motivic Metamorphosis) Chapters on counterpoint offer excellent descriptions and musical examples explaining species counterpoint in two and three voices. The descriptions of cadences and canonic technique are supported with practical exercises. Notably, the short chapter on imitation is summed up by a brilliant analysis of the imitation technique of Francesco Canova da Milano describing the modal and non-modal harmonic plan of the given fantasia…My recommendation is that any serious guitarist/teacher/performer/composer with an academic interest in teaching counterpoint should have this book as an important reference or method. After reading and playing through this treatise one is left with the impression that Bogdanovic is an intelligent and creative musician trying to verse the guitarist in the use of learned counterpoint, but with reference to the guitarist’s literature, not that of the vocal or keyboard tradition (though these traditions are very important). The only question I am left with at the end of this tome is “why wasn’t this done before?”
Classical Guitar Magazine, Great Britain, 1997


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