“Dusan Bogdanovic is a composer of masterful craft with a genuine clarity and purity of vision. His music is distinct to the extent that it would be nearly impossible to mistake it for another’s- and he happens to play the guitar……

His music shows a complete mastery of ethnic folk, jazz, and classical traditions.” While every bit of that statement is true, what this recording really demonstrates is the work of a composer who not only has rich experience with many kinds of music but who has cultivated his musical experience and reveals it by means of a truly individual, and exceptionally powerful voice.”

Guitar Review

Bogdanovic’s knowledge of guitar and the greater world of music is immense. He paints from a palette well-stocked with incommensurable  rhythms, moods, textures, ethnic references, and harmonic systems, so this program (Seasonal Preludes) is never stagnant….If you have not encountered Bogdanovic’s music in the past, and enjoy miniatures, this is for you.

American Record Guide

“I firmly believe that when future generations look back at the music composed for guitar in the late 20th and early 21st century, Dusan Bogdanovic’s contributions will be regarded as some of the most creative and innovative of the period. Especially through his exploration of the polyrhythmic and polytonal potential of the guitar, Dusan has stretched the boundaries of what is deemed possible on the instrument, and has expanded its vocabulary for performers and audiences alike. He has shown utter mastery in traversing a wide range of styles, from jazz to 16th century polyphony, from Balkan to African, from tuneful to unforgivingly complex. But no matter where his musical peregrinations take him, he unfailingly expresses his unique and identifiable compositional voice.”

 William Kanengiser

Throughout, Bogdanovic utilizes extended notes to get his point across, or pursues odd-metered time signatures while conveying multi-dimensional frameworks and mind-bending artistry yet maintains focus on the composition at hand. Here, the listener may find his or herself drifting off into a peaceful void as Bogdanovic’s nimble fretwork, boundless creative spirit and distinctive voice casts a spell that imparts volumes of a deeply personalized vernacular… Recommended – * * * *

All About Jazz

As with most great music,  it can appeal on many different levels. Bogdanovic can beguile with complicated polymetres and multi-layered harmonic ideas and uses Renaissance improvisation  as a building block but the music never sounds as if it’s trying to be clever; it just is…It’s when you hear the other instruments come in that Bogdanovic’s music grows before you like some many-headed beast (a very nice one). The instrumentation of flute, koto and guitar  for And Yet…brings you into a world of water gardens and impossibly clear  musical imagery that is stunning in its clarity.

Classical Guitar

“…His piece (Sonata Fantasia) is composed of the most diverse elements; Bogdanovic casts new substance into baroque or romantic molds. He combines jazz and African rhythm with pentatonicism and elements of Indian music. He takes advantage of percussive effects. He uses technical tricks known to electric guitar players. His biting harmonies frequently clash to the breaking point. This buoyant and confounding sonata emerges from compositional quarry and forms a balanced whole when musicians like Gruber and Maklar are at work. The two artists accompanied their audience through the mysteriously shining piece like experienced navigators and presented the sonata with sharp contrasts; an interpretation full of poetry, pep and extremes.”

Suddeutsche Zeitung

“…Bogdanovic’s playing simply acts as a vehicle for his luminous, multicultural compositions. But what playing! Wielding a solo classical guitar, Dusan handles tricky polymeters, Balkan melodies, startling counterpoint, and oud- inspired improvised lines with nuance and sinewy grace. The depth of ideas and clarity of his playing borders on spooky. If you love guitar, you must investigate this jewel.” 

Guitar Player

…(Jazz Sonatina) Of line unique to Dusan. For those of you who understand its intricacies and subtleties, this is just out of this world, but requires a delicate performance technique and one cannot expect to catch public fancy. Perhaps the blood of his native country which exists behind his refined compositional technique may account for this? Recommended, of course, for all Dusan freaks.

Gendai Guitar Magazine

“Bogdanovic grippingly unlocks the bleak imagery of Hughes in an exotic genre that Emma Martinez Hockley succinctly describes as ‘Balkan blues’. Although music and literature tend to mix best when the latter is recited rather than sung, here is a major integrated setting that succeeds on all levels… Throughout the proceedings, there can be no doubt that we are in the presence of a world ranking guitarist/composer who excels equally in both roles.”

Classical Guitar Magazine

“…Classically trained European guitarist makes his debut a stunning acoustic date with flutist James Newton and Charlie Haden’s sonorous bass. Superb, distinctive chamber jazz.”


«‎…we, in fact, do not know any composer for guitar in the XXth century who can be compared to him.»‎

Il Fronimo

“…Profoundly original, the personality of Bogdanovic dares to re- read the classics of the repertoire. It is simply that the palette of Bogdanovic is immense: with colors, timbres, energies, nuances. Between the rustle of silk paper and the burst of machine gun, he knows how to do justice to the orchestral vocation of the guitar without taking away its intimate dimension of shared soliloquy.”

Tribune de Geneve