Canticles-Chamber Music of Dusan Bogdanovic

  • DO 339
  • 2001
  • Canada
Crow — How Water Began To Play 5:46
Crow— Examination at the Womb-Door 2:53
Like a String of Jade Jewels — The Agaya Crab 1:15

Crow (On Poetry by Ted Hughes), Quatre pièces intimes, Five Songs on Poetry by Gabriela Mistral  – Pais de la  ausencia, Canticles, Like a String of Jade Jewels – I, the Song, In the Midst of the Paths, The Agaya Crab, Balkan Mosaic

Performed by Antoine Garth, André Papillon, Yanick Chênevert, Rafael Hoekman, Vismaya Lhi, Gruber-Maklar, Dusan Bogdanovic, the TME Ensemble with Claudio Morbo

Yano Mori

  • INT 3510-2
  • 1999
  • Intuition Records
  • Germany
Yano mori 4:41
Byzantine Theme and Variations 12:32

Compilation recordings of Jazz Sonata (2nd, 4th mvts.), Little Café Suite (3rd mvt.), Pastorale no. 1, New York Afternoon, Yano Mori, Byzantine Theme and Variations, Grasshopper Maker’s Song, Oh Yesenske Oy

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, Miroslav Tadic, Sharon Wayne and Todd Garfinkle, produced by Lee Townsend

Unconscious in Brazil

  • GSP 1017CD
  • 1999
  • GSP Records
  • USA
Three African Sketches (I) 1:21
Polymetric Study No.2 1:36

Three African Sketches, Levantine Suite, Little Cafe Suite, Polymetric Studies, Uncoscious in Brazil, In Winter Garden, Diferencias Diferentes, Intimations

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

Early To Rise

  • 1982 Palo Alto Records
  • 2003 Quicksilver Records
  • USA
Early To Rise5:40
Furioso 2:48

Furioso, Jazz Sonata ( 2nd & 4th mvts.), Early To Rise, Prelude, Runaway Fugue, Raguette, Compulsion, Lulluby For Angel Fire, New York Afternoon

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, guitar, James Newton, flute, Charlie Haden, bass, Tony Jones percussion

Dusan Bogdanovic-Works For Solo Guitar

  • Brilliant Classics 95194
  • 2015
  • Netherlands
Passacaglia 6:14
Corale 1:40

Sonata No.1 (1978), Sonata no.2 (1985), Raguette No.2, 5 Pezzi di mare, Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue for the Golden Flower, 4 Bagatelles, Polyrhtythmic and Polymetric Studies

Performed by Angelo Marchese

Bogdanovic-48 Seasonal Preludes

  • Brilliant Classics 96244
  • 2022
  • Netherlands
Prelude No.1 2:29
Prelude No.23-Choral 2:20

Complete 48 Seasonal Preludes for Guitar Solo

Performed by Angelo Marchese

Meditations & Ricercars

  • M.F. 24
  • MicroFesrt Records
  • 2022
  • US
Lament’s Commentary 3:51
Two Blue Ricercars 4:12

Levantine Suite, Lament, In Winter Garden, Three Ricercars, Lament’s Commentary, Ex Ovo, Village Music, Two Blue Meditations, Two Blue Ricercars

Performed by Michael Kudirka on microtonally tuned guitar

Levantine Tales

  • MO13A
  • M.A. Records
  • 1993
  • Japan
Winter Tale 8:08
Lullaby for Angel Fire 7:28

Raguette, No Feathers on This Frog, Izvor, Winter Tale, Introduction and Passacaglia for the Golden Flower, Furioso, Lullaby for Angel Fire, Oh Yesenske Oy

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, Miroslav Tadic, guitars, Malisa Drskoci, bass, Todd Garfinkle, glockenspiel


  • M009A
  • M.A. Records
  • 1989
  • Japan
Grasshopper Maker’s Song 3:51
Lost Worlds 1:56

Jazz Sonata In Four Movements, My Eternal Green Plant, Cinq Miniatures  Printaniers, Sharon’s Songdance, Yano Mori, Grasshoper Maker’s Song, Gamelitar Music, Discoveries, Lost Worlds, Dyptich, Sûnyata, Desert Blossom, Morning

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

Mysterious Habitats

  • GSP1014CD
  • Guitar Solo
  • 1995
  • US
Sonata No.2 (I) 3:11
Seven Little Secrets (Here the Moon) 2:27
Seven Little Secrets, No.2 00:59

Mysterious Habitats, Jazz Sonatina, Seven Little Secrets, Omar’s Fancy, 4 Easier Polymetric Studies, Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue for the Golden Flower, Sonata No.2, A Fairytale with Variations

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

And Yet…

  • DO458
  • Doberman-Yppan
  • 2005
  • Canada
And Yet… (I) 3:40
Concerto fro Guitar and Strings (II) 5:46
A Pole Star 4:38

Balkan Bargain, Book of the Unknown Standards, Ricercar, No Feathers on This Frog, And Yet…, Ex Ovo, A Polestar, Quatre pieces intimes, Concerto for Guitar and Strings (II movement)

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, Marc Teicholz, James Smith, William Kanengiser, Dimitri Illarionov, Gruber-Maklar Duo, Douglas Masek, Yoko Awaya, Shirley Yamamoto, Vera Ogrizovic, Bel Arts Trio,Goyescas Duo, Saint George String Orchestra

Prayers-Chamber Music of Dusan Bogdanovic

  • DO780
  • Doberman-Yppan
  • 2011
  • Canada
Prayers for 2 Guitars and Strings9:58
A Little Prayer 3:07

Prayers, Cantilena and Fantasia, Six Illuminations, Psalm for guitar, Mooness by Hooshyar Khayam, Psalm for piano, Little Box, Over the Face of the Waters, Little Prayer

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, William Kanengiser, Brian Head, Donald Crockett, Hooshyar Khayam, Milcho Leviev, Nada Kolundzija, Bor Zuljan, Aneta Ilic, Stana Krstajic, Natalija Mladenovic, USC Thornton Contemporary Music Ensemble

Migrations (Seobe)

  • DO800
  • Doberman-Yppan
  • 2012
  • Canada
Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death 3:37
In medias res2:00
Listening 3:43

Early in the Morning (Mala jutarnja), Premonitions (Predskazivanja),Three Winds (Tri vetra), On the Window, Roses….(Na prozoru, ruze….), With a Cup of Coffee (Uz soljicu), Next to the City Walls (Pokraj zidina), In the Air made of Glass (U staklenom vazduhu), Ominous Premonitions (Slutnje), In medias res (Usred srede), The Big Blue (Veliko Plavo), Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death (Reke zivota, reke smrti), Migrations (Seobe), Listening (Osluskivanje), Deep are the Waters (Duboke su vode), Song without End (Pesma bez kraja)

Performed by Dusan Bogdanovic & Miroslav Tadic, guitars

Look at the Big Birds!

  • CR1201403
  • 2014
  • Contrastes Records
  • Spain
Baluchestan Dance 1:09
Anna Loved One by One00:51
Rachel 1:15

A Mighty Fortress – Germany, A sad Song – Azerbaijan, Ana Loved One by One – Denmark, Arirang – Korea, Balinese Dance- Indonesia, Baluchestan Dance – Iran, Epitaph to Seikilos – Greece, Ewe Songdance – Ghana, Farewell to You – Hawail, USA, Fish Faronika – Slovenia, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow – English, Gander in the Pratie Hole – Ireland, I’d Love to be a Farmer – Macedonia, I’m a Happy Swiss Boy – Switzerland, In the Summertime – Russia, Little Monk – China, Look at the Big Birds! – Namibia, Mountain Harp – Ecuador, Mukô Yokochô – Japan, Navajo Song – Navajo – USA, Next to my Blonde – France, Old Folks at Home – USA, Rachel – Sepharad, Israel, Sano, Sweetheart – Serbia, Spring Song, opus 74 – Poland (Frédéric Chopin), Two Guvs from Brac Dalmatia, Croatia, Vaiu me nzuru – Italy (Calabria), When I Went to Bembasa – Bosnia

Performed by Francisco Bernier & Carmen Alvarez, guitars