DO 339 CANTICLES , Chamber music of Dusan Bogdanovic, 2001
Crow, Quatre pièces intimes, Five Songs (2nd song), Canticles, Like a String of Jade Jewels (1st, 5th, 4th songs), Balkan Mosaic performed by Antoine Garth, André Papillon, Yanick Chênevert, Rafael Hoekman, Vismaya Lhi, Gruber-Maklar, Dusan Bogdanovic, the TME Ensemble

1. CROW-How Water Began To Play 5:46 LISTEN
2. From LIKE a STRING of JADE JEWELS-The Agaya Crab 1:15 LISTEN
3. BALKAN MOSAIC-Utarnje Kolo (Morning Dance) 1:02 LISTEN

INT 3510-2 YANO MORI , Intuition Records, Germany, 1999
Compilation recordings of Jazz Sonata (2nd, 4th mvts.), Little Café Suite (3rd mvt.), Pastorale no. 1, New York Afternoon, Yano Mori, Byzantine Theme and Variations, Grasshopper Maker's Song, Oh Yesenske Oy performed by Dusan Bogdanovic, Miroslav Tadic, Sharon Wayne and Todd Garfinkle, produced by
Lee Townsend

1. Yano Mori 4:32 LISTEN
2. Jazz Sonata (fourth movement) 3:45 LISTEN

M.A 019A KEYS TO TALK BY , M.A, Japan and US, 1992
Trio (arr. for two prepared guitars and percussion), Polymetric Studies,
Byzantine Theme and Variations performed by Miroslav Tadic, Mark Nauseef
and Dusan Bogdanovic

1. Study #5 1:28 LISTEN

M.A 013A LEVANTINE TALES , M.A, Japan and US, 1992
Introduction and Passacaglia, No Feathers on This Frog, Furioso, Winter Tale, Raguette no. 1, Lullaby for Angel Fire, Oh Yesenske Oy performed by Miroslav Tadic, Malisa Drskoci, Todd Garfinkle and Dusan Bogdanovic

1. No Feathers on this Frog 7:14 LISTEN
2. Oh Yesenske Oy 4:31 LISTEN

M.A 009A WORLDS , M.A, Japan and US, 1989
Jazz Sonata, My Eternal Green Plant, Cinq miniatures printanières, Sharon's Songdance, Yano Mori, Grasshopper Maker's Song, Gamelitar music, Desert Blossom, Morning performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

1. Cinq Miniatures Printanieres 0:44 LISTEN
2. Grasshopper Maker's Song 3:51 LISTEN

Three African Sketches, Levantine Suite, Little Café Suite, Polymetric Studies, Unconscious in Brazil, In Winter Garden, Diferencias Diferentes, Intimations performed by D. Bogdanovic

1. Three AFrican Sketches - No. 1 Allegro ritmico 1:17 LISTEN
2. Polymetric Studies - No. 3 Rubato, appassionato 1:36 LISTEN

Mysterious Habitats, Jazz Sonatina, Seven Little Secrets, Omar's Fancy, Four Easier Polymetric Studies, Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue, Sonata no. 2, A Fairytale with Variations performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

1. Jazz Sonatina (third movement) 2:27 LISTEN
2. Second Sonata (second movement) 1:56 LISTEN

QSCD-4025, EARLY TO RISE (Palo Alto Jazz Masters),
Quicksilver Records, 2003

Jazz Sonata (2nd, 4th mvts.), New York Afternoon, Furioso, Early to Rise, Prelude and Runaway Fugue, Raguette no. 1, Compulsion, Lullaby for Angel Fire performed by James Newton, Charlie Haden, Tony Jones and Dusan Bogdanovic

1. Runaway Fugue 6:08 LISTEN
2. Lullaby for Angel Fire 6:29

S.A. 1039CD BACH WITH PLUCK! , ESS.A.Y, US, 1992
Johann Sebastian Bach, The Six Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530

1. Andante 5:24 LISTEN
2. Allegro 3:38 LISTEN

S.A. 1039CD BACH WITH PLUCK! , ESS.A.Y, US, 1994
Johann Sebastian Bach, The Inventions & Sinfonias, BWV 772-801

1. F Major , BMV 779 1:41 LISTEN
2. C Minor, BWV 788 1:40 LISTEN

DO 458 And Yet..., 2005 Music for guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic
Marc Teicholz, William Kanengiser, Douglas Masek, James Smith, Gruber-Maklar Duo, Shirley Yamamoto, Yoko Awaya, Dimitri Illarionov, Bel Arts Trio, Duo Goyescas, Vera Ogrizovic, Saint George Chamber Orchestra

1. Balkan Bargain 2:39 LISTEN
2. And Yet, 2nd Movement 4:18

M.A 023A IN THE MIDST OF WINDS , M.A, Japan and US, 1994
Raguette no. 2, Pastorale no. 1, Little Café Suite, Prelude, In the Midst of Winds, Dreamland, Four Bagatelles, Meditation performed by Sharon Wayne, Todd Garfinkle and Dusan Bogdanovic

1. Little Cafe Suite - Kwaffee, swing moderato (to Adam Cohen) 1:29 LISTEN
2. Four Bagatelles - 4) adagio malinconico e rubato 1:16

ASPIRATION , Dusan Bogdanovic & Bruce Arnold

1. Night Thrills 1:29 LISTEN
2. Felliniesque 1:01

AN 74321 77074 2 4 MILES 2 DAVIS , Arte Nova, Germany, 2000
Jazz Sonata performed by Augustin Wiedemann

BERCD 826-2 MUSICHE ORIGINALI PER CHITARRA DEL SECOLO XX (vol. 2) , Edizioni Berben, Italy, 1996
Lyric Quartet performed by Quartetto di Asti

CCD 42013 THE FALA GUITAR TRIO , Concord Records, US, 1989
Jazz Sonata (arrangement for three guitars by the composer)

DE 3207 WILD MOUNTAIN THYME , Delos Records, US, 1998
Mysterious Habitats performed by Scott Tennant

GHA 126.008 20th CENTURY MUSIC FOR GUITAR (VOL. 1) , GHA Records, Belgium, 1990
Sonata no.1 performed by Eduardo Isaac

GHA 126.030 20th CENTURY MUSIC FOR GUITAR (VOL. 3) , GHA Records, Belgium, 1993
Jazz Sonata performed by Eduardo Isaac

GHA 126.041 JUEGOS DEL VIENTO , GHA Records, Belgium, 1998
Pastorale no. 1 performed by Le Trio de Cologne

Six Balkan Miniatures performed by William Kanengiser

MM 01612-67145-2 LAMENTS AND DANCES , Music Masters, US, 1994
Three Straws, No Feathers on This Frog, Sonata Fantasia performed by Newman-Oltman

NIC 1034 WORKS FOR GUITAR DUO , Niccolo, Italy, 2000
Sonata Fantasia performed by Caputo-Pompilio

Quatre pièces intimes (cello and guitar)

R279303 A JOURNEY HOME , Global Pacific/CBS, US, 1989
Bilyana, Castles of the White City, Yovano Yovanke, Of Toys and Cookies, Yano Mori performed by Georgia Kelly and Dusan Bogdanovic

R/F 305.1096 RECITAL DE VIOLAO , RGE/ Fermata, Brazil, 1979
Sonata no. 1 (Ist mvt.) performed by Dusan Bogdanovic

S 2028 LIKE A STRING OF JADE JEWELS , Dynamic S.r.l., Italy, 1999
Mysterious Habitats, Six pièces enfantines, 7 Etudes, My Eternal Green Plant, Sharon's Song-dance, Cinq miniatures printanières, A Fairytale with Variations, Six Native American Songs, Four Bagatelles, Castles of the White City, Oh, Long Automn Nights, Lassie's Lullaby performed by Antonia Brown, Sabina Picarelli, Vincenzo Greco, Adriano Sebastiani

SIG X68-00 ATTACCA , Signum, Germany, 1996
Sonata Fantasia performed by Gruber-Maklar

SK 60274 L.A.C.Q. , Sony Classical, US, 1998
Mysterious Habitats performed by John Dearman

VGO 1001 AMERICAN GUITAR MUSIC , VGO Recordings, US, 1999
Jazz Sonata performed by Lawrence Ferrara


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